Behavior Codex

Personal and material scope of the Code

The scope of the Code covers members and subscribing customers of Beauty World Net Kft. and all activities performed by members and customers.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

Employees must comply with relevant laws and regulations, as well as the company's internal instructions and regulations, including the Code of Conduct. Beauty World Net Kft. takes all necessary measures to ensure that its employees are also familiar with the rules that apply to them and act accordingly.

What does this mean?

Complying with all applicable laws and regulations is not just a legal obligation, but a vital interest of ours if we want to fulfill our purpose and remain reliable partners for our customers in the long term.

In the event that certain international transactions are subject to stricter regulations than Hungarian legislation or specific rules, as a general rule –  if it does not conflict with Hungarian legal regulations -  stricter regulations must be met.

2. Data and encryption

Proper management of business secrets, personal data, and internal information protected by law is a priority obligation. Beauty World Net Kft. handles the data of customers and partners who come into contact with it confidentially, in compliance with the provisions regarding personal or business data.

3. Legitimate interests of data controllers under specific circumstances

The legitimate interest of the data controller can create a legal basis for data processing, provided that the interests, fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject do not take precedence, taking into account the reasonable expectations of the data subject based on his relationship with the data controller.

Such a legitimate interest can be discussed, for example, when there is a relevant and appropriate relationship between the data controller and the data subject, for example in cases where the data subject is a customer of the data controller or is employed by it.

4. Data collection

The processing of personal data for purposes other than the original purpose of their collection is only permitted if the data processing is compatible with the original purpose of the data processing. In order to determine whether the purpose of further data processing is compatible with the original purpose of collecting personal data, the data controller takes into account, among other things, any connection between the mentioned original purposes and the planned further data processing purposes, the circumstances of the data collection, including the data subjects' consent to further data use , also reasonable expectations based on the relationship with the data controller.

5. Exercising the rights of data subjects

Guarantees must ensure compliance with data protection requirements and the provision of the same level of rights to the data subjects as those granted in the case of data processing within the Union, including the enforceability of the rights of the data subjects and the possibility of effective legal remedies, including that the data subject has effective administrative or be able to take legal recourse and claim compensation in the Union or in a third country.

Acting within its corrective powers, the supervisory authority instructs the data controller to inform the data subject about the data protection incident.

7. Transfer of personal data to third countries or international organizations

Personal data is only requested and kept for as long as it is necessary for the operation of Beauty World Net Kft. and the applicable law.

We ensure the protection of information related to the operation of Beauty World Net Kft., especially financial data, business plans, technical information, data relating to employees and customers and owners in such a way that such data is not lost or accessed to the knowledge of unauthorized persons.

8. Prohibition of insider trading and market influence

inside trading and market influence.  By operating appropriate control mechanisms, Beauty World Net Kft.   all   possible   measure   will do   its   in order to   the    note   received insider information - until it is made public - no one can use it to gain access to their own transactions   to advantage   come, be   the   direct   way, or   third   person   involving   conclusion of a transaction. Insider information may not be forwarded to third parties.

Beauty World Net Kft. does not enter into a transaction or knowingly publish information that gives misleading signals about the market or exchange rate of financial instruments, or is otherwise misleading.

9. Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions

Beauty World Net Kft. verifies the identity of its customers and business partners, learns about the activities of its customers and the characteristics of the deals they want to conclude, regularly checks banking processes, and does everything to ensure that their services are not used for illegal business activities, such as the financing of terrorism , money laundering or other punishable acts may not be used, in case of suspicion it will take the necessary measures. Beauty World Net Kft. takes into account the regulations and sanctions of international and national authorities and organizations related to trade restrictions.

10. Transparency

Beauty World Net Kft.  a   relevant   information   correct   and   transparent   way   for   transfer   eye   before   provided fair and clear information about their services and products.

  1. Beauty World Net Kft.  ensures the completeness, accuracy and comprehensibility of reports and records, as well as their preparation on time based on the current regulatory environment

11. Informing the public and stakeholders

We publish regular, complete, comprehensive and reliable information about our activities and endeavors through all relevant media. Part of responsible communication is ethical advertising practice. The company conducts open, transparent and balanced two-way communication with the stakeholders.

Misleading the public will not be tolerated, and this may constitute a violation of law with serious consequences for both Beauty World Net Kft. and the person concerned.

12. Customer focus

  • Beauty World Net Kft. strives to be able to serve the needs of customers at a high level with its services. In addition to this basic aspiration, Beauty World Net Kft. also wants to continuously improve the quality of its products and services in addition to meeting the expectations of its customers.
  • In order to support customers' conscious and well-founded decisions, Beauty World Net Kft. strives to meet individual needs  appropriate   for information, understandable   products   and   services   to design, and   to provide balanced information about relevant product risks.

13. Expertise

  1.     tasks    Beauty World Net Kft.  as possible    highest    quality, professionally, the    it is carried out in accordance with relevant rules and business ethical expectations. This includes the existence of all necessary permits, the appropriate expertise and the necessary infrastructure.
  2.    customers   expectations   fair   serving   in order to   exclusively   so   products   and   services can be offered, which the institution can provide in a professional manner.  The range and characteristics of the offered products and services are properly prepared for their customer relations staff.

14. Respect, non-discrimination

  1. During its activities, Beauty World Net Kft. supports and helps create and maintain an atmosphere characterized by respect and tolerance. In its relations with its customers, partners and any other entity, it enforces fair treatment based on respect and esteem.

Beauty World Net Kft. rejects any kind of discrimination based on religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or any other direct or indirect discrimination or exclusion of others.

15. Cooperation

  1. Beauty World Net Kft. takes into account the legitimate interests of customers throughout the duration of the contractual relationship.

Beauty World Net Kft. arra   strives to   collaborative   and   transparent   relationship   shape   who   with its customers, suppliers, partners, all competent authorities and other state bodies.

16. Fight against corruption; management of conflicts of interest

  1. Beauty World Net Kft. rejects all manifestations of corruption and bribery, whether it is the promise of an illegal advantage or its acceptance.
  • meeting the requirement, Beauty World Net Kft. appropriate, bribery-  and applies internal anti-corruption rules and procedures, with the help of which it acts against all forms of bribery and corruption.

Beauty World Net Kft. undertakes to adequately handle conflict of interest situations that may arise during its operation in order to protect the interests of its customers and partners.

17. Social responsibility

Beauty World Net Kft. can influence social and environmental development with its decisions, therefore it tries to pay attention to the direct and indirect social and environmental effects of its decisions during its activities.  To this end, they can make social and environmental responsibility a part of their business, thus contributing to the realization of sustainable development.  Their economic weight and sense of moral responsibility justify their standing up for some socially useful values and activities.

18. Sustainable development

During its operation, Beauty World Net Kft. takes into account the economic and social environment.  It strives to use resources sparingly and responsibly.

19. Internal control mechanisms

Beauty World Net Kft. strives to develop and operate internal defense lines that promote:

  • the reliable and efficient operation of Beauty World Net Kft., in accordance with the laws and internal regulations and this Code,
  • of your tools, the   owners   and   the   customers   with institution   connected   the protection of its economic interests and social goals,
  • smooth and effective operation, maintenance of trust towards the institution.

The most important task of the internal defense lines of Beauty World Net Kft. is to proactively and proactively contribute to the fulfillment of these goals and to compliance with the principles contained in this Code by identifying problems and deficiencies that may arise during operation at the earliest possible stage, already they are identified and treated when they arise, but if possible even before that, thus ensuring the speed and efficiency of the solution.

The Code entered into force on August 1, 2023.